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We Buy Cars Menifee's Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Privacy Policy for We Buy Cars Menifee. 
This page will inform you about the personal information we may track or collect from you during your visit to our site. We’ll also address how it’s used, the control that you have over your data, and how you can address your questions or concerns to us.

Cookies and Personal Information

We collect cookies and personal information from you in order to provide you with the best possible experience. This includes Personally Identifiable Information like your name, current address, phone number, social media accounts, and other contact details as you provide them to us. With this information we can deliver our products and services to you, improve our services, establish our accounts, fix problems with your account, and maintain constant communication with you so that your experience is optimized.

In addition, we may also collect other information such as cookies or IP addresses. These bits of information are very useful for customizing your experience in a more advanced way. With cookies we can store your login information, making it quick and easy to access your account. Be aware that these details may be aggregated and generalized so that there’s no way to track a cookie back to you. Once again, all of our information gathering is done to analyze how people use our site and develop ways to improve user experiences.

Third-Party Affiliates

We Buy Cars Menifee works with a number of partners in the industry to further improve your experience. We advise you to review their privacy policies before browsing their sites so that you can be informed about how they may use your data. While we’ll never share your personal information with our affiliates directly, we may provide links to their websites on our pages. Once you leave our site we have no control over how other sites may use your data. We do our best to only link to established, reputable partners, but it’s best to review their policies for yourself as well.

Opt Out at Any Time

You reserve the right to opt out at any time from sharing your information with us. This includes after you’ve already given us access to your information. Just contact us when you want to change your settings and we’ll take care of it for you quickly. No questions asked. We respect your privacy and promise to make the unsubscribing process as easy as possible.

Changes to This Policy

Our technology is updated periodically, so we’ll also need to update this privacy policy to reflect those changes. At We Buy Cars Menifee, we reserve the right to make changes to this policy without prior notification to you. However, our home page will contain links or posts to all of our policy updates. Please visit our home page regularly to stay informed.